Tractor Post Hole Digger FEL

Tractor Post Hole Digger FEL

This Tractor post hole digger FEL is an easy and safe way to drill holes into the ground.

For use with these tractors and others
40hp tractor DQ404
55hp tractor DQ554
70hp tractor AK704
80hp tractor DQ804

Please call to check compatible tractors and Package Deals.


Tractor Post Hole Digger FEL
It attaches to the front of your tractor and works with both standard and Hydraulic post hole diggers. Plus, it comes with a pallet fork lifter (standard pallet) and a Bale Spear lifter (grass bales). Save more than $1500 and free up storage space in your shed with this multi purpose Tractor post hole driller (front end loader) and pallet fork (standard pallet). Exclusive to AgKing, this multi-purpose post hole digger and pallet fork is the perfect solution for your post hole drilling needs.

The AGKing front post hole digger is mounted on the front of your tractor using the standard Euro hitch. The unit is equipped with an interchangeable socket that can accommodate augers ranging from 6” to 20”. The unit comes with a 12” heavy duty auger that is equipped with interchangeable hard tip blades.


Matched power 25-80hp
Connection Euro hitch,quick release
Max Torque (N.m) 1871
Operated pressure(Bar) 205
Flow rate(L/min) 23-53
Speed (rpm) 40-120
Output shaft (mm) Φ50.8
Frame Width Adjustable 1200mm
Net Weight (Kg) 160kg with 12” auger
attachments post hole digger,pallet fork and bale spear
Auger side shift,quick release
Auger length(mm) 1200mm
Auger diameter(mm) 100-400mm
Pallet fork side shift,Width adjustable 1200mm,quick release
Max lifting weight 1500kg
Fork tine length 1100mm
Bale spear two long tines,quick release
Max lifting weight 1000kg
Spear tine length 1100mm

12 months warranty ( Specific Details of the warranty terms and conditions are provided with the Implement)


Front end vision easy to see reverse and forward drive
Root and rock removal
Power down weight
3 implements in 1 tool
Save shed space, practical for smaller acreage
Value for money


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