DQ704 Air Conditioned Cabin

DQ704 Air Conditioned Cabin

The DQ704 Air-Conditioned Cabin tractor is a powerful and feature-rich agricultural vehicle designed to meet the demanding needs of modern farming operations. Its combination of advanced features ensures both comfort and efficiency for operators working in various weather conditions and terrains.

Applicable Implements and Accessories
TZ06 front end loader 5ft slasher LZ6 Backhoe Mini hay baler
6ft slasher LZ7 Backhoe LZ7E Backhoe

Please call to check other compatible implements and Package Deals.



  • At its core, the DQ704 is powered by a robust 4-cylinder YTO diesel engine, known for its reliability and fuel efficiency. This engine provides the tractor with the necessary power to tackle a wide range of farming tasks. With 4-wheel drive capability, the DQ704 offers exceptional traction and stability. Whether traversing through muddy fields, steep hills, or uneven terrain, this tractor maintains grip and control.
  • The 8-speed forward and reverse gears provide operators with flexibility when it comes to speed and precision. This feature ensures that the tractor can handle various tasks at the optimal pace, from heavy-duty fieldwork to more delicate operations.
  • The inclusion of a differential lock enhances traction, particularly in challenging or slippery conditions. It ensures that both rear wheels rotate together, maintaining stability and reducing the risk of getting stuck.
  • Additionally, the DQ704 is equipped with an extra 4-way valve for hydraulic implements. This versatility allows operators to connect and control a variety of hydraulic equipment with ease.
  • The hydraulic steering system, powered by a dedicated pump, ensures effortless and responsive steering. Combined with the dual-stage dry clutch, the tractor provides a smooth and efficient driving experience.
  • One of the standout features of the DQ704 is its air-conditioned cabin. This cabin provides a comfortable and climate-controlled environment for the operator, shielding them from extreme heat or cold, dust, and other environmental factors.
  • This comfort enhances productivity and reduces operator fatigue during long hours of operation.
  • The DQ704 Air Conditioned Cabin tractor thus offers a comprehensive package of features, including a reliable YTO diesel engine, 4-wheel drive, versatile transmission, diff lock, hydraulic implement control, smooth steering, and a climate-controlled cabin.This combination of capabilities ensures that operators can work efficiently and comfortably in a wide range of agricultural settings, making it an excellent choice for modern farming operations.



36 months full parts warranty (Specific Details of the warranty terms and conditions are provided with the tractor)

Model DQ704 Cabin
Engine Type 4 Cylinder
Rated Power 70hp
PTO 540/760 rpm x 6 spline 35mm shaft clockwise rotation
Diff Lock Standard
Brakes Wet disk type
Rear lifting capacity (Kilo Newtons) 12
Gear Speeds (km/hr) Low: 2.65, 3.85, 5.25, 8.1
High: 11.4, 16.53, 22.57, 34.78
Hydraulics: Dual Gear type pumps.
Swinging Draw Bar Standard
ROPS Foldable with sunshade
Length (mm) 3513
Structure Weight 5000 KG
Rear Ballast Weight 540 KG
Width (mm) 1750
Height (mm) 2130
Wheel Base (mm) 2040
Front Track (mm) 1250
Rear Track (mm) 1200-1500 (usual 1300)
Min ground clearance (mm) 323
Agricultural ground clearance (mm) 375
Min turning radius (m) 3.4
Minimun operational mass (kg) 2120
Rated Traction (KN) 12
Front Wheels (Ag tyres) 8.3-24
Rear Wheels (Ag tyres) 14.9-30
Front Wheels (Turf Tires) 13×9.5-16
Rear Wheels (Turf Tires) 13-20
Lights & Electrical 12V System. Headlights with low high beam, rear lights,
brake, indicators, rear working light,
rear mirrors, horn, neutral safety switch, rpm, temp gauges.
The fuel tank 150 Litres with easy access cover
Seat Adjustable suspension tyle


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