PTO Wood Chipper 6″


PTO Wood Chipper 6″

A PTO (Power Take-Off) Wood Chipper with a 6-inch capacity is a robust and versatile machine designed for efficiently processing wood materials. Here are three major key features that make it a valuable tool for both professional and hobbyist woodworkers

For use with these tractors
40hp tractor DQ404
55hp tractor DQ554
70hp tractor AK704
80hp tractor DQ804

Please call to check compatible tractors and Package Deals.

PTO Driven with Slip Clutch: This wood chipper is powered by a tractor’s PTO, utilizing the tractor’s engine power to drive the chipper’s machinery. The inclusion of a slip clutch is crucial for safety and protection. It ensures that in case of sudden jams or overloads, the clutch disengages, preventing damage to the chipper and the tractor’s driveline.

Balanced Heavy-Duty Rotor Wheel: Weighing in at a substantial 80 kilograms, the balanced rotor wheel is a critical component for efficient chipping. Its robust construction ensures stable and consistent operation even when dealing with dense or knotty wood. This balanced design reduces vibrations, prolonging the machine’s lifespan and enhancing user comfort during operation.

Reversible Blades: The chipper features durable and sharp blades, each measuring 6 x 150mm. These reversible blades are designed to efficiently cut and chip wood, providing consistent results. Their reversible nature means that when one side becomes dull, you can simply flip them over for extended use before needing replacement.



Max. dia. of feeding 100mm(4”) 100mm(4”) 150mm(6”) 150mm(6”) 230mm(9”)
Power Tractor (35~60hp) Tractor (35~60hp) Tractor (60~80hp) Tractor (60~80hp) Tractor (75~100hp)
Flywheel diameter 630mm 630mm 740mm 740mm 940mm
Flywheel weight 50kg 50kg 94kg 94kg 171kg
No.of blade 4 4 4 4 4
Dimension of feed hopper 500×500mm 500×500mm 580×580mm 580×580mm 620×620mm
Feeding system Self Feeding Hydraulic Feeding, Adjustable Speed stop-reverse-forward function Self feeding Hydraulic Feeding, Adjustable Speed stop-reverse-forward function
Sawdust measurement thickness ≤6mm
Feeding outlet rotation angle 360°
Dimension (L×W×H) 1470×1260×1650mm 1750×1450×2020mm 2100×1680×2100mm 2100×1680×2100mm 2280×1980×2520mm
Weight 250kg 340kg 360kg 510kg 720kg
Packing size (L×W×H) 1140×910×1260mm 1130×810×1800mm 1220×910×2100mm 1220×910×2100mm 1300×1150×215-mm

12 months warranty ( Specific Details of the warranty terms and conditions are provided with the Implement)

Key Features

1. PTO driven using a slip clutch
2. 80 kg balanced heavy duty rotor wheel
3. Reversible blades of size 6 x 150mm

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