40hp Enfly Tractor DQ404

40hp Enfly Tractor DQ404

The DQ404 40hp tractor combines power, comfort, and versatility to meet the diverse needs of modern farming. With features like hydraulic power steering, wet disc brakes, a differential lock, remote hydraulic valves, and a two-speed PTO, it provides the performance and functionality required to efficiently tackle a wide range of agricultural tasks, making it a valuable asset on the farm.

Applicable Implements and Accessories
TZ06 front end loader 5ft slasher LZ6 Backhoe Mini hay baler
LZ7 Backhoe LZ7E Backhoe

Please call to check other compatible implements and Package Deals.



  • The heart of the DQ404 is its robust 40hp engine. This power output strikes an ideal balance between performance and efficiency, making it suitable for various farming tasks, from ploughing and tilling to mowing and hauling.
  • The tractor’s design prioritizes operator comfort and convenience. It features a well-organized and ergonomic control layout, ensuring ease of use during long hours of operation. The inclusion of hydraulic power steering reduces the effort required to steer the tractor. This feature enhances manoeuvrability and control, especially when navigating through tight spaces or when handling heavy loads.
  • The DQ404 is equipped with wet disc brakes, which are known for their durability and reliable stopping power. These brakes perform exceptionally well in various weather conditions, ensuring operator safety. The differential lock provides enhanced traction, particularly on challenging terrains. It prevents wheel slippage, enabling the tractor to maintain stability and move forward confidently, even on uneven or slippery surfaces.
  • Two sets of remote hydraulic valves expand the tractor’s versatility by allowing the simultaneous operation of multiple hydraulic implements. This feature is invaluable for tasks that require precise control over hydraulic attachments.
  • The two-speed PTO provides flexibility when using various implements and machinery. It supports both 540 and 1000 RPM PTO speeds, accommodating a wide range of agricultural applications.
  • The DQ404 is designed to be compatible with a variety of attachments and implements, making it a versatile tool for tasks such as ploughing, seeding, mowing, and more


Model DQ404
PTO 540/760 rpm x 6 spline 35mm shaft, clockwise rotation
Diff Lock standard
Brakes Wet disk type
Rear lifting capacity (KN) 11
Gear speeds (km/hr) Low: 2.65, 3.85, 5.25, 8.1 High: 11.4, 16.53, 22.57, 34.78
Hydraulics Dual gear type pumps
Swinging draw bar standard
ROPS Foldable with sunshade
Length (mm) 3513
Width (mm) 1750
Height (mm) 2130
Wheel base (mm) 1924
Front track (mm) 1250
Rear track (mm) 1200-1500 (1300 standard)
Min ground clearance (mm) 323
Agricultural ground clearance (mm) 375
Min turning radius (m) 3.4
Min operational mass (kg) 2080
Rated traction (KN) 12
Front wheels (Ag Tyres) 8.3-20
Rear Wheels (Ag Tyres) 12.4-28
Front Wheels (Turf tyres) 13×9.5-16
Rear Wheels (Turf tyres) 13-20
Lights and Electrical 12v system, Headlights (dual beam), rear lights, brake, indicators, rear work light, rear mirrors,horn,safety switch,fuel – rpm – temp gauges
Fuel tank 38 Litre with easy access cover
Seat Adjustable suspension style

36 months full parts warranty (Specific Details of the warranty terms and conditions are provided with the tractor)


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