40hp Tractor AK404

40hp Tractor AK404

The AgKing 40hp Tractor AK404 is a versatile machine designed to meet modern agricultural demands. It has impressive features that make it an ideal choice for farmers and agricultural enthusiasts.

compatible Implements and Accessories
TZ03 front end loader
4ft slasher
5ft slasher

Please call to check other compatible implements and Package Deals.


40hp tractor AK404

The AgKing tractor AK404 consists of a robust 4-cylinder diesel engine, delivering a dependable 40 horsepower to manage a wide range of farming tasks. It has an 8-speed gearbox that effectively channels power, giving operators a fine control over performance and speed. It has smooth and effortless directional changes due to the shuttle shift feature, thus improving productivity during demanding operations.

The tractor also has a swing draw bar that increases versatility during towing operations. Additionally, two sets of remote hydraulics make it multiple attachments simple and easy to operate. It also includes a convenient tool box to store essential tools and equipment.

The AgKing tractor AK404 has strong agricultural tires that provide excellent traction and reduce soil compaction. Strong and sturdy build and extensive features make the 40hp Tractor AK404 a great machine for farming, ensuring efficiency, safety, and dependability.



Model AK404 ROPS
Rated Power 40hp
Hydraulics 2 Sets of rear remotes
Fuel Type Diesel
Category of 3-Point Linkage Category 1 3PL
Brand YTO YD4RT5
Model YD4RT5
Engine Type 4 Cylinder, water cooled, four stroke
Bore and Stroke (mm) 90 x 105
Compression ratio 18.01
Rated Power 29.4 KW
Rated RPM 2400
Fuel consumption 238g/kwh
Length (incl FEL & 3PL) 3558mm
Width 1670mm
Height 2450mm
Track Front Wheel 1400mm
Track Rear Wheel 1300mm
Rear Wheel Size 12.4-24
Wheel Base 1800mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 328mm
Clutch 9 inch ,Dry, Dual Stage
PTO (Power Take – Off Speed) 540/100RPM
Gears 8 Forward and 8 Reverse
Shuttle Shift Single Lever Forward to Reverse
4WD Selectable 4WD
Brake Type Mechanical drum, rear wheel only

12 months full parts warranty (Specific Details of the warranty terms and conditions are provided with the tractor)


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