70hp Tractor AK704

70hp Tractor AK704

The AK704 70hp tractor is a powerful and versatile agricultural machine designed to meet the demands of modern farming.

For use with the 70hp tractor and others
Hydraulic Post Hole Digger Cement Mixer Mini Hay Baler

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At a glance

In summary, the AK704 70hp tractor combines power, versatility, and safety features to cater to the diverse needs of modern farming. Whether it’s ploughing, planting, or hauling, this tractor is a reliable partner for farmers looking to maximize their productivity and efficiency in the field.



36 months full parts warranty (Specific Details of the warranty terms and conditions are provided with the tractor)

Unique features

At its core, it boasts a robust 4-cylinder diesel engine that delivers exceptional performance, making it a reliable workhorse in the field.

  • One of the standout features of the AK704 is its two-speed PTO (Power Take-Off), providing flexibility to operate various implements at different speeds to suit specific farming tasks. The hand-controlled clutch ensures precise control over engagement, allowing for smooth transitions between tasks without unnecessary wear and tear.
  • With a 12-speed gearbox and shuttle shift, operators can easily switch between gears and directions, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  • The inclusion of 4-wheel drive ensures optimal traction and power distribution, especially in challenging terrain or adverse weather conditions.
  • Safety is paramount in agriculture, and the AK704 addresses this with a ROPS (Roll-Over Protection System), providing a protective structure in case of accidents.
  • The power steering makes maneuvering effortless, reducing operator fatigue during long working hours. Additionally, the differential lock enhances traction and stability when navigating uneven or slippery surfaces.
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