Tractor Pallet Forks TZ6

Tractor Pallet Forks TZ6

The Tractor Pallet Forks TZ6 represent a pinnacle of reliability and versatility in the realm of material handling equipment. Engineered with a Euro hitch fitting, these pallet forks seamlessly integrate with a wide range of tractors, making them an essential addition to agricultural, construction, and industrial operations.

compatible Implements and Accessories
TZ03 front end loader
4ft slasher
5ft slasher

Please call to check compatible tractors and Package Deals.


Crafted with a rugged frame, these pallet forks are designed to endure the harshest of working conditions. The thick steel construction ensures maximum strength and durability, providing peace of mind to operators who demand robustness in their equipment.

One standout feature of the TZ6 is its extra-long reach, which allows for efficient handling of heavy pallets and materials, even in tight spaces. This extended reach, coupled with a wide and stable base, ensures stability and control during lifting and transport operations.
Whether you’re working on a farm, a construction site, or in an industrial setting, the TZ6 Tractor Pallet Forks excel in heavy pallet lifting and transport tasks. They offer a reliable and efficient solution for moving goods, reducing manual labor, and increasing productivity across diverse applications.

In summary, the Tractor Pallet Forks TZ6 with Euro hitch fitting are the epitome of strength and durability, capable of withstanding the demands of agricultural, construction, and industrial environments. These pallet forks are the go-to choice for those seeking efficient, reliable, and robust material handling solutions.


Model TZ600
Safe working load 800 Kg
Weight 140 Kg

12 months warranty ( Specific Details of the warranty terms and conditions are provided with the Implement)


Euro hitch fitting
Pallet forksDesigned for heavy pallet lifting and transport
Rugged frame
Thick steel construction
Maximum strength and durability
Extra-long reach
Wide, stable base
Agricultural, construction, and industrial applications

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