Rotary Hoe and Bed Former 1500mm


Rotary Hoe and Bed Former 1500mm

The Rotary Hoe with Bed Former in the 1500mm model is a versatile and indispensable agricultural implement designed to streamline soil preparation and bed formation processes. This robust machine comes equipped with a range of features to enhance its functionality and efficiency.

compatible Implements and Accessories
40hp tractor DQ404
55hp tractor DQ554
70hp tractor AK704
80hp tractor DQ804

Please call to check compatible tractors and Package Deals.

Rotary Hoe With Bed Former 1500mm

One notable feature is the adjustable rear roller, which plays a crucial role in improving compaction as it follows the hoe. This ensures that the prepared soil bed is properly compacted, promoting optimal conditions for planting and cultivation.
Another significant advantage of this implement is its modular design. It can be easily separated from the Bed Former, allowing for greater flexibility in usage. Whether you need to use the Rotary Hoe alone or in combination with the Bed Former, this adaptability ensures it can meet a wide range of agricultural needs.
The Rotary Hoe is driven by a PTO Drive Shaft with a Slip Clutch, ensuring reliable and consistent power transmission while protecting the equipment from overload. Its 3-point Linked System with Cat 1 Pins makes it compatible with various tractors, providing ease of attachment and operation.
This 1500mm model features 9 rotors, each equipped with 4 blades, and 2 Leading Edge Rippers for precise and optimal soil selection. The formed bed size it creates is 1500mm at the base and 1200mm at the top, making it suitable for a variety of crops and planting configurations.



Matched power (hp) 20-30hp 35-40hp 45-55hp 55-65hp
working width (cm) 120 150 180 200
working depth(cm) 12cm 12cm 12cm 12cm
No.of knives 30 36 42 48
Type of knife L-860 L-860 L-860 L-860
No.of ridge 1 1 2 2
Width of ridge (m) ≤1.0meter ≤1.3meter ≤1.6meter ≤1.8meter
Height of ridge(cm) 0~25cm 0~25cm 0~25cm 0~25cm
Total weight(kg) 380 460 570 600
Overall Dimension(mm) (L) 1400 1700 2000 2200
(W) 800 800 800 800
(H) 700 700 700 700
PTO axle rotary speed(r/min) 540
Linkage Standard three-point mounted

12 months warranty ( Specific Details of the warranty terms and conditions are provided with the Implement)

Key Features

AgKing has a range of bed forming equipment suitable for most Tractors.
1. Heavy duty rotary hoe and combined bed former for forming up garden beds
2. Bed former includes a rear roller for better compaction and is adjustable
3.Rotary hoe can be separated from bed formers for choice 4. Including PTO drive shaft and slip clutch,3 point linkage with Cat.1 pins

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