Chain Link Harrow 4200mm


Chain Link Harrow 4200mm

The 4200mm-sized Chain Link Drag Harrow from AgKing is great equipment for preparing the soil, managing pastures, and other farming and landscaping tasks.

Please call to check compatible tractors and Package Deals.

The Chain Link Drag Harrow 4200mm is constructed to last from hardy materials that can withstand the rigors of heavy use. Due to its adjustable settings, it can adapt to different ground conditions and tasks, such as seedbed preparation and grooming gravel driveways. It is more suitable for spreading horse and cattle dung, repairing paddocks, roughening up, and weeding.

The 4200mm harrow saves time and work by effectively breaking up soil clumps after plow, aerating it, and distributing residue. Heavy duty wide chain link harrows are an ideal implement for tractors ranging from 55 to 100hp, especially for various farming tasks.
The AgKing Chain Link Drag Harrow 4200mm is a reliable tool for landscaping and agriculture, helping to maintain lawns and improve soil structure.


12 months warranty ( Specific Details of the warranty terms and conditions are provided with the Implement)

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