Tractor Trailing Plough For Sale 24 Plate


Tractor Trailing Plough For Sale 24 Plate

The plough is an everlasting depiction of development and cultivation in agriculture. The AgKing Tractor Trailing Plough 24 Plate is the epitome of efficiency and accuracy when it comes to ploughing. This strong implement is designed to make your fields productive, creating the ideal environment for abundant harvests.

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The AgKing Tractor Trailing Plough 24 Plate is made to survive the demands of rigorous agricultural work since it is made of durable materials and is expertly crafted. Even in difficult circumstances, endurance and dependability are assured by its sturdy build. Farming requires flexibility, and this plough has options for customizable breadth and depth. Adapt your ploughing to the unique requirements of your crops and soil to increase productivity overall.

The Trailing Plough 24 Plate, which is made to attach quickly and easily to your AgKing tractor, streamlines your work process while minimising downtime and effort. The innovative design of this tool maximises efficiency by assuring even and regular ploughing. Bring on more productive fields and wave goodbye to uneven furrows.

Your ploughing operations may be precisely controlled with the Trailing Plough. Move with confidence and ease, leaving behind well-aerated, tilled soil that is ready for planting. Nothing less than flawless furrow formation is acceptable. With its neat and regular furrows, the AgKing Tractor Trailing Plough 24 Plate optimises planting and produces higher crop outcomes.


The AgKing Tractor Trailing Plough 24 Plate performs admirably in the following farming applications:

  1. By loosening up compacted soil and adding organic matter, you may properly prepare your fields for planting.
  2. Manage agricultural leftovers and stubble effectively to improve soil quality and lessen pest and disease pressure.
  3. This plough assists in weed population control by burying weeds and their seeds, hence lowering the demand for herbicides.
  4. Use conservation farming techniques to enhance soil health and lessen erosion, such as limited tillage or zero tillage.

AgKing is a reputable brand in the agricultural machinery sector, known for providing top-notch machinery intended to increase production and efficiency on farms. No exception can be made as the AgKing Tractor Trailing Plough 24 Plate embodies the company’s dedication to dependability, innovation, and client contentment.



Model 1BZ-2.5
Length 5320 mm
Width 2810 mm
Height 1340 mm
Weight 1350 Kg
Working width 2500 mm
Disc pitch 230 mm
Disc diameter 660 mm
Max. working depth 200 mm
Max. adjusting angle (F/R) 23 degrees
Harrowing capacity 1.4 Ha/Hr

12 months warranty ( Specific Details of the warranty terms and conditions are provided with the Implement)

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