Chain Link Drag Harrow 2400mm


Chain Link Drag Harrow 2400mm

A necessary agricultural tool for tractors with 55–100 horsepower, the 2400mm-wide Chain Link Drag Harrow from AgKing combines the drag harrow and ripper capabilities for effective use.

Please call to check compatible tractors and Package Deals.

Chain Link Drag Harrow 2400mm

The 2400mm harrow’s durable design ensures its ability to withstand fieldwork, level uneven ground, break up soil clumps, and distribute organic matter evenly. The tool is ideal for removing heavy clay clogs, dressing, weed removal, manure spreading, and rejuvenating paddocks, screening tracks, and dressage arenas.

The excellent coverage and effectiveness of the 2400mm wide harrow reduces the amount of time and work required for clearing land. Due to its compatibility with mid-sized tractors ranging from 55hp to 100hp AgKing tractors, it can be used for a range of agricultural tasks.


12 months warranty ( Specific Details of the warranty terms and conditions are provided with the Implement)

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