Introduction to Mopod-Agking

Introduction to Mopod-Agking

Company profile

AgKing is operating through a set of Australian distributors, AgKing sells and services a broad selection of high-quality agricultural equipment. Mopod Australia, trading as AgKing Victoria is located in Seymour Victoria. AgKing specialises in a wide selection of tractors and agricultural implements to suit the needs of the majority of farmers or novice hobby farmers. AgKing’s group of distributors pride themselves on offering high-quality products at competitive prices.

Located in the heritage railway township of Seymour Victoria, AgKing sells directly to the general public. Delivery is available anywhere in Australia and can be arranged via the QLD or VIC office, depending on your location. Distributors are based in Queens Land (QLD) and Victoria (VIC) as well as Western Australia (WA).

Currently, AgKing customers in New South Wales (NSW) are serviced through the NSW office.

The AgKing team has been in the agricultural equipment business for many years, and they are passionate about giving their customers the best service possible.

AgKing products include:


Post Hole Diggers

Bucket Scoops


Grader Blades



Rotary Tillers

And many more!

Spare Parts and Filters for tractors and all the equipment that they supply.


AgKing offers a genuine warranty on all of their tractors and implements. Parts that are defective, but not due to normal wear and tear, are covered by our Genuine Warranty. If an item is found to be defective, it must be returned to us or to a qualified contractor that we have selected for the job. This warranty does not cover equipment used for industrial, commercial or contractor purposes, as AgKing primarily sells to hobby farmers and farmers who have smaller acreages.

Specific Warranty Information, Terms and Conditions will be provided with every Tractor and Implement.

Tractors at a discounted rate

If you’re looking for a Tractor but are on a tight budget or need finance for your tractor, AgKing can help. They specialise in a variety of low-cost, reliable tractors.

Hobby Farm Tractors

AgKing offers a wide selection of tractors and implements for hobby farming. If you’re a small to medium farm owner, chances are we’ve got a Tractor that’s right for you. Come and see our team and see our range of tractors and farm implements.

Tractor and Slashers for sale

Special package promotions are available throughout the year and often include a Tractor and a Slasher along with other implements at competitive prices. If you are Tractor shopping for a specific tractor Package in your area, it is worth calling AgKing to find out what specials are in the pipeline.

Used Tractors for Sale

Many of the customers have been searching for used Tractors before they find them and are amazed at the value these Tractors provide. Why purchase a used tractor, often with an unknown history and no warranty when you can buy a new tractor with warranty?

Spare parts and customer service

AgKing stocks parts for all of the tractors and implements in Australia. They even stock parts for their Chinese range of tractors, as well as most of the Chinese brand tractors sold in Australia.

AgKing is dedicated to providing excellent after-sales service and support. Although they are backed by large factories, they understand that when something goes wrong, you want to speak to a local dealer who can help you with service.

They stock parts and consumables for any of their dealers and can ship Australia-wide. If you are looking for a spare part or a consumable for one of AgKing’s tractors or implements, the best in Australia, contact your local dealer today.


The Mopod-Agking represents a remarkable innovation in the realm of agricultural robotics. Its advanced mobility, versatile functionality, and intelligent AI systems enable efficient and precise farming operations. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into agriculture, Mopod-Agking thanks to the novel farm machines has the potential to revolutionize traditional farming methods, enhancing productivity and sustainability. As we embrace this new era of smart farming, Mopod-Agking stands as a promising solution to address the evolving challenges of modern agriculture.

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