Industrial Tyre – Standard-Tractors

Industrial Tyre – Standard-Tractors

The AgKing Industrial Tyre is a rugged and reliable tire designed to excel in demanding working conditions. Built to withstand the rigours of industrial and agricultural applications, these tires offer exceptional durability, traction, and load-carrying capacity. With robust construction and specialized tread patterns, AgKing Industrial Tyres provide optimal grip on various terrains, ensuring stability and control for heavy machinery and equipment.

Whether you’re operating in construction, agriculture, or industrial settings, these tyres are engineered to deliver long-lasting performance and peace of mind, even in the toughest environments. When it comes to dependability and resilience, AgKing Industrial Tyres are a top choice for professionals seeking quality and durability.


  • They are heavy-duty tractor tyres designed for rocky terrain, providing the best traction and durability for all kinds of industrial and agricultural use.
  • AgKing provides a real warranty for the tractors and other products we sell. In Australia, spare parts are accessible.
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