Tractor Rock Bucket TZ6

Tractor Rock Bucket TZ6

AgKing’s Tractor Rock Bucket TZ6 is a heavy-duty steel bucket that ensures ease of use and durability in demanding agricultural and construction applications. Due to its toughness, it can withstand the heaviest weights of boulders, rubble, and other things without quitting.

For use with these tractors and others
TZ03 30hp tractor AK304
40hp tractor AK404
40hp tractor DQ404

Please call to check compatible tractors and Package Deals.


The TZ6’s smooth integration with hydraulic arms is one of its distinguishing characteristics. For operators looking to maximize productivity and efficiency, its design offers simple control and accurate manoeuvrability. The bucket may be simply adjusted, tilted, or lifted as needed owing to the hydraulic arm connection, increasing your tractor’s versatility and making it simple to load, carry, or dump materials.

The Tractor Rock Bucket TZ6 from AgKing is a solid option whether you’re working on a farm, building site, or landscaping project. It is best compatible with other tractors from AgKing like 30hp tractor AK304, 40hp tractor Ak404, Enfly 40hp tractor DQ404, etc., and suitable for digging, levelling, loading, spreading and soil loosening. Count on the TZ6 tractor rock bucket to reduce your workload and increase your output.


12 months warranty ( Specific Details of the warranty terms and conditions are provided with the Implement)

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