Tractor Hay Baler

Tractor Hay Baler

At AgKing, we understand the vital role agriculture plays in feeding the world. We are dedicated to providing high-quality farming equipment that enhances efficiency and productivity, and our AgKing Tractor Hay Baler is a testament to our commitment. Whether you are a small family farm or a large-scale agricultural operation, our hay balers are designed to simplify your baling process and maximize your yields.

For use with these tractors and others
30hp tractor AK304
40hp tractor AK404
40hp tractor DQ404
55hp tractor DQ554
55hp tractor AKLZ554

Please call to check compatible tractors and Package Deals.



  • Mini Baler is Suitable for 30 – 50 hp tractor.
  • 3 PT design makes it suitable for most kinds terrain.
  • Small size and light weight allow make it suitable for compact tractors from 30 hp.
  • Bales are light enough to be lifted by one person.
  • Tighter spacing of teeth allow it to pickup grass, hay, alfalfa, wheat, rice etc. whole straw or short pieces.

key Features

  • Our hay balers are engineered for top-tier performance. They efficiently gather, compress, and tie hay into uniform bales, ensuring minimal wastage and reduced handling time. We understand that farming equipment needs to withstand tough conditions. AgKing Tractor Hay Balers are built to last, constructed from high-quality materials and engineered to deliver consistent performance season after season.
  • We believe that farming equipment should be easy to operate. Our hay balers come with user-friendly controls and clear instructions, making them accessible to both seasoned farmers and those new to baling. AgKing Tractor Hay Balers are compatible with a wide range of tractor models, making them a versatile addition to any farming operation.
  • Whether you have a compact tractor or a larger one, our balers can be easily attached and operated.
  • AgKing Tractor Hay Balers ensure that each bale produced is of consistent size and density. This uniformity is crucial for efficient storage and transportation. By automating the baling process, our hay balers reduce the need for manual labour, saving you time and money.


12 months warranty ( Specific Details of the warranty terms and conditions are provided with the Implement)

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