Mopod Australia helping small and hobby farmers with its tools and tractors

Mopod Australia helping small and hobby farmers with its tools and tractors


Helping small and hobby farmers with tools and tractors can have a significant positive impact on their farming operations.

Hobby farmers are individuals who engage in small-scale agricultural activities primarily for personal enjoyment rather than commercial profit. These enthusiasts may own a modest plot of land, often in rural or suburban settings, where they cultivate crops, raise animals, or partake in various farming-related activities. Unlike full-time farmers, hobby farmers usually maintain other professions to sustain their livelihoods. They find satisfaction in growing their food, tending to livestock, and connecting with nature. This pursuit offers a break from urban life and fosters a sense of self-sufficiency. Hobby farming can vary widely, from vegetable gardening to beekeeping, making it a diverse and fulfilling pastime.

Here are some ways by which Mopod Australia help these farmers:

Equipment sharing

Creating a local equipment-sharing network where small farmers can borrow or rent tractors and other machinery. This can help reduce the cost of owning and maintaining such equipment.

Cooperative purchasing

Facilitating group purchasing arrangements, allowing small farmers to buy tools and tractors at a discounted rate by pooling their resources.

Equipment leasing

Offer flexible leasing or financing options for small farmers who cannot afford to purchase tractors or tools outright.

Training and workshops

Provide workshops and training sessions on how to use and maintain tractors and farm tools effectively. This can improve the productivity and longevity of the equipment.

Access to Information

Create a platform or resource centre where farmers can access information on the latest agricultural techniques, best practices, and new tools and technologies.

Farm Equipment Repair Services

Offer repair and maintenance services for tractors and tools to ensure that small farmers can keep their equipment in good working condition.

Subsidies or Grants

Advocate for or provide subsidies and grants to small and hobby farmers to help them acquire the necessary equipment.

Technology Adoption

Encourage the adoption of modern farming technologies and tools that can enhance efficiency and reduce the workload for small farmers.

Community Support

Establish a local farming community where farmers can collaborate, share resources, and provide mutual support.

Market Access

Help small farmers access markets for their produce, which can increase their income and ability to invest in tools and tractors.

Financial Literacy

Offer financial literacy programs to help farmers manage their finances effectively, allowing them to budget for equipment purchases and maintenance.

Sustainable Practices

Promote sustainable farming practices and eco-friendly equipment options, as many hobby farmers are interested in organic or environmentally responsible farming.

Government Programs

Connect small farmers with government programs and subsidies aimed at supporting agriculture, including those related to farm equipment.

Online Communities

Create or support online communities and forums where small and hobby farmers can exchange ideas, seek advice, and share their experiences with equipment and farming practices.


Helping small and hobby farmers with tools and tractors can make a significant difference in their ability to maintain successful and sustainable farming operations. By offering a range of services and resources, Mopod Australia empowers these farmers to thrive in their agricultural endeavours.

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